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On average experts have said it takes up to 12 times for a marketing message to sink in... Now think of how many times you grab your keys during the course of one day! By offering customers loyalty, membership, and access programs utilizing a custom printed plastic key tag you are extending your marketing reach incredibly. Every time the customer grabs his or her keys they are reminded of you.

Our plastic key tags are made of durable 30 mil laminated plastic and include a barcode on the back for easy identification. We can encode numbers specifically for whatever software system you are using as well. Browse our sample key tags below and in our sample gallery for inspiration for your upcoming key tag project! If you would like to receive samples by mail or have any questions give us a call toll free at 1.800.808.7472!

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desert key tag sun bar key tag
Alaya key tag
yoga one plastic key tag
Golden Tree Plastic Waterproof keytag
Plastic Key Tags are also available as Card FOB Combinations

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